Eye Upkeep. So to treat eye

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When people talk around a fine, first of all pay attention to the eyes. In a lot of ways, a lovely of a eye is determined not alone by the purity and brilliance, but also a state of the upper and lower eyelids, eyelash density and length and shape of the eyebrows. How, a skin eyes - is extremely sensitive and vulnerable aging body, they need especial care and part of a carefully rest, specifically after the hard work...

Eye color and character. Determining the nature of the color of a eyes

How to determine the character of a person by the color of a eye? It turns out that just by looking into your eyes, you can learn a lot some him. Thus, owners of green skin eyes usually stubborn, persistent, principled. And the owners of blue skin eyes romantic and dreamy, vulnerable and sensitive. Read more -->

Maintenance neck: Neck Cream

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Buying a cream, strive to have one which includes collagen. The face loses moisture and begins to fade when the aging body with age is not enough to produce collagen. This substance can "tighten" the flabby folds on the neck and "forge a metric." Of age spots on the neck will help you have rid of especial whitening fluid, lemon fresh juice, or 3% percent decision of hydrogen peroxide.

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Anti-skin care

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Anti masks specifically designed for dry and issue facial skin. Masks of this group are not alone well cleanse and tightens pores, but as well have an antibacterial effect, regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands.

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Causes of sensitive skin

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It is still possible to list a general reasons why a skin becomes sensitive.

Improper care may frazzle the skin, and it becomes too sensitive. This can occur with a use of poor-quality cosmetics, which includes mineral oil, petroleum products, or failure to apply protective cream. Facial skin may not tolerate such medication indefinitely - destroy lipid layer of the protective function.

At times there is the skin, which is called unstable, it may be in a period of extraordinary sensitivity, so again back to normal. These periods can last up to 2 years, and most frequently associated with stress, which is going done a body - disease, trauma, therapy with antibiotics, severe fatigue, etc.

Sensitive face may be of any type, following infectious, gastrointestinal, skin, and endocrine diseases, or due to allergies. In this case, however well, and in many others, restore skin heartiness may only solve all hygiene problems - or do not help by a means.

Maybe however that the skin is prone to sensitivity of birth: it is thin and very dry, it contains extremely some fat, and a horny layer is thin and protective pigment produced more little.

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The apply of facial skin masks. Applying masks

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But before we impose a cover to nicely polish facial skin. Specifically effectual mask how peel, after a steam bath or hot compress. Use the cover to the massage lines.

Face cover can be applied with a brushing, sponge, brushing, cotton swab or fingertips. All this need be immaculately clean out.

After that, to achieve a greater capacity is desirable to cover the facial skin with hot gauze or aluminum foil.

Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay covers, and masks that contain recent watermelon, fresh vegetables and cereals, any facial skin washing off with lukewarm aqua (with a cotton swab). To fix the effect in the water, It is possible to throw in lemon juice or big apple cider vinegar (a tsp. In a glass of h2o). Read more -->

Cleansing the skin with olive oil

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A first thing to learn - to clean out a skin with olive butter. The simplest scrub: buckwheat bran (2 soup spoon) and the same amount of butter to mix up, knead your facial skin and neck for 1-2 min, then bath with hot water.

Cleansing milk for cooking need a glass of natural milk, cucumber, olive oil (1 tsp) and any essential oil that suits you (1-TWO drops). Cucumber rub on a small grater, pour lukewarm natural milk and insist the cover in an hour. Then filter, add to oil - olive and essence, mix and apply - how a light night serum, nourishing cleanser and makeup remover. Natural milk can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Mask with olive oil

Face covers with olive butter you can do with any face type.

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