Face covers - an indispensable tool for face service

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Masks - the best way to speedily moisturize, soothe, deep clean out the skin. You possess a good effect and act as 1st aid alone if picked up according to skin type and are used according to the instructions clearly.

Covers are toning, reduces pores, nourishing and healing. Use a face mask, depending on what goals they require to reach. If, following a long time, a face is tired and has lost its freshness, and you urgently claim to go to any party or vacation, then the request toning face care cover. If the skin is very dry and prone to wrinkles - you need a nourishing mask, and for dry face - pores.

Thus, skin covers keep variant functions and are divided into some types.

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Elasticity of a skin

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Our face may lose elasticity and not alone with age, but for various causes. This may be a small schedule for and leaving, and overdrying skin dehydration, childbearing, rapid weight loss, a capacity of harmful environment, etc.

Currently, enough makeup to remedy the situation, but we'll keep you here around the apply of fatty oils, however well however some of a items that restore face lose elasticity, making it smooth and supple.

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So to visually hide facial imperfections - or his own make-up artist

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No gerls with perfectly shaped facial skin, shine facial skin without a flaws. As, if you know how to do makeup accurately, correct and correct irregularities, It is possible to reach shine rooms anatomy, smooth silky skin and alluring look. Not necessarily be a helf make-up artist to make a skin more attractive by current cosmetics. Some tricks and professional approach - and the skin is similar a cover of a fashion magazine. Special application method and performance make-up will help you make a great makeup and fashion, and his facial skin gentle, smooth and prettily...

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Facelift at home

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However we strive to tell a small size how It is possible to tighten facial skin without surgery, and without expensive beauty salons, caring for themselves at home.

A only condition required for home treatments are efficient - it regularly. If you Think about that you possess no time for regular procedures, not worth a start - the capacity will be temporary, and you will only have frustrated.

Of course, homemade skin tightening may not always help: for example, if you possess sagging skin on the neck, and a skin wrinkles are very deep, a salon or clinic will yet keep to use. But that's beginning to correct the deformation of face care contours, improve skin tone, restore elasticity and remove wrinkles - such problems can be successfully move at home.

Means facelift

The easiest method to use home purchase makeup, and now the option of such cosmetics is huge. So, the option of such means need be taken highly seriously, how every person is various. It is required to take into account your skin type, age, particularly well-being and more.

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Eye Service. Skin Care Age

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No one will argue that a eyes - a mirror of a soul. In a eyes may "drown" in a ocean. All women want to keep fine eyes, and the most expressive eyes. With proper leaving of skin eyes you can not alone improve the outside, and improve eyesight.

The eyelids are particularly noteworthy. For their care, it is desirable to use only careful funds, which is marked "For face leaving age." Also keep in mind the direction in which it is indispensable to use care products and massage a face around the eyes.

Massage a fluid lines around a eyes:

The fluid and massage the skin around the eyes is conducted for a least stretching of the facial skin.

On the upper eyelids - with inner to outer corner of a eye.

At the lower ages - with the outer to a inner.


This process, as hydration, especially momentous in the summer and in a cold season with moisturizers get to be careful: the moisture in a face, combined with the cold-blooded turns to ice. So, at this time of year it is recommended to use more fat face creams.

In the first (at least 0.5 an hour earlier leaving a house) to clean a skin, and then easily use a thin layer of fat cream, it is completely engrossed. Read more -->

Therapeutic clay for the facial skin.

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Affinity of clay


What substances are not alone found in cosmetics a second life! Natural honey, milk, aloe, paraffin, variant fruits and fresh vegetables, and clay is not an exception. Babbitt sees clay how a construction material or however substance for a manufacture of delicate porcelain. Sculptor, for example, can address this problem more creatively. Clay for it is a ideal tool for a realization of his creative ideas and artistic ideas. In a cosmetic industry how clay - a substance for skin recovery, therapy and give it elasticity, unique development material for the "creation of lovely."

A action of the clay due to a big extent its mineral composition. In about types of clay dominated silicon, in others - aluminum, in the third - manganese. Read more -->

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