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No one will argue that a eyes - a mirror of a soul. In a eyes may "drown" in a ocean. All women want to keep fine eyes, and the most expressive eyes. With proper leaving of skin eyes you can not alone improve the outside, and improve eyesight.

The eyelids are particularly noteworthy. For their care, it is desirable to use only careful funds, which is marked "For face leaving age." Also keep in mind the direction in which it is indispensable to use care products and massage a face around the eyes.

Massage a fluid lines around a eyes:

The fluid and massage the skin around the eyes is conducted for a least stretching of the facial skin.

On the upper eyelids - with inner to outer corner of a eye.

At the lower ages - with the outer to a inner.


This process, as hydration, especially momentous in the summer and in a cold season with moisturizers get to be careful: the moisture in a face, combined with the cold-blooded turns to ice. So, at this time of year it is recommended to use more fat face creams.

In the first (at least 0.5 an hour earlier leaving a house) to clean a skin, and then easily use a thin layer of fat cream, it is completely engrossed. At night - following a thorough cleaning of the skin - as well treat the skin, neck skin and decollete fat cream. The cream can be left on the face for no longer than 2 hours. Earlier going to bed to remove the excess with a soft cloth.

Keep in mind that in the very cold-blooded cream base dose need be used in the evening.

If you Think about that moisturizing cosmetics - it is expensive, so pay striving to effective remedies that nature offers.

Cooking fluid at home is simple. But you know the measure: do not strive on your face more than one child of serum a week.

And more. If you are prone to irritation, sensitive facial skin, be particularly careful - experimental dose need be minimal. Pick the most suitable for the facial skin recipes.

Home Cosmetics does not contain preservatives. But on the other hand, long store homemade creams may not even in the refrigerator. Prepare drugs in little quantities and use them while you are fresh. A time of coldness storage - up to seven days.

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