Therapeutic clay for the facial skin.

Affinity of clay


What substances are not alone found in cosmetics a second life! Natural honey, milk, aloe, paraffin, variant fruits and fresh vegetables, and clay is not an exception. Babbitt sees clay how a construction material or however substance for a manufacture of delicate porcelain. Sculptor, for example, can address this problem more creatively. Clay for it is a ideal tool for a realization of his creative ideas and artistic ideas. In a cosmetic industry how clay - a substance for skin recovery, therapy and give it elasticity, unique development material for the "creation of lovely."

A action of the clay due to a big extent its mineral composition. In about types of clay dominated silicon, in others - aluminum, in the third - manganese. Silicon has a positive capacity on the epidermis, doing blood vessels more flexible, stimulates hair evolution, lipid metabolism, a formation of collagen and bone. Aluminium has antacid, drying and astringent affinity, manganese - deodorizing and drying capacity. But the "basic" considered bleaching and cleansing affinity of clay.

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