Eye Upkeep. So to treat eye


When people talk around a fine, first of all pay attention to the eyes. In a lot of ways, a lovely of a eye is determined not alone by the purity and brilliance, but also a state of the upper and lower eyelids, eyelash density and length and shape of the eyebrows. How, a skin eyes - is extremely sensitive and vulnerable aging body, they need especial care and part of a carefully rest, specifically after the hard work...

Eye color and character. Determining the nature of the color of a eyes

How to determine the character of a person by the color of a eye? It turns out that just by looking into your eyes, you can learn a lot some him. Thus, owners of green skin eyes usually stubborn, persistent, principled. And the owners of blue skin eyes romantic and dreamy, vulnerable and sensitive. Gray-eyed men are workers. Interesting, is not it?...

Refractive surgery: laser vision correction. Advantages of a approach

Currently, one of a newest designs of refractive laser surgery is a laser vision correction - most gentle method to surgical correction. Using laser treatment to get rid of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. Laser vision correction can be done in 2 ways...

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