Leaving neck skin. Beautiful neck skin


Ofttimes, a girl 18 years old's age gives neck. It is on it, however on wood, there are "annual rings." So, put care of the neck should start early, with 25 years. You provided 1/2 a battle, if you learn that a neck skin is how important a part of the aging body, same the facial skin that it takes a same careful medication, care and note.

If you want to prevent skin wrinkles, take care of neck facial skin daily. Early how it should rinse with highly cold h2o neck skin. It is best to send her out of a shower stream. After h2o medication, wipe neck skin tonic suitable type of the skin, or cucumber juice. Use a lightness rapidly absorbed fluid (in the summer - with UV protection).

In a evening, removing do-up, and do not forget about a neck. Remove accumulated per day dust and dirt with cotton pad soaked in milk for create-up removal. Complete cleansing tonic and application of nourishing cream. Cleansing and tonics are accessible for skin and neck at a same time. But a cream that you normally use for a face, neck skin, will not work. Valid pronounced capacity have alone cosmetic creams that are specifically designed for the care of a neck and decollete. Most such items developed by French, Swiss and Spanish pharmacists to beautiful salons. But in any salon or shop It is possible to offer a means of comprehensive care about neck at home. Produced a especial cosmetics for neck and Russian producers.

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