Clay Masks for skin


A face cover on a clay-based are extremely effective for female face, however it absorbs excess butter and dirt that collects on a surface, and create a facial skin more clean out and good. This is a great tool narrows a pores, removes unhealthy light skin and clears the pesky pimples. Face masks of clay very dry for 5-15 minutes, then wash off a mask with warm h2o, which also carries away the dead facial skin cells and grime.

Before applying the cover of clay to accomplish a greater capacity thoroughly remove makeup, cleanse and moisten it with water.

So yet mentioned, a healing properties of clay and color determines its mineral composition. In cosmetology maximum apply is done of white and blue clay.

The biggest issue in a use of clay - it checks for radioactive substances and heavy metals. Clay for cosmetic purposes are trying to produce in environmentally friendly areas. Russian experts are more inclined to trust a white clay that is produced mainly in China, because it is good proven complete many years. That is why there are many recipes for masks on the basis of white clay, which may be prepared at home. Blue clay is usually part of a ready-made masks. The use of particular masks purely individual: some prefer to do everything on your own, others are proprietary blends that do professionals in cosmetic laboratories and nice salons.

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