Pink clay. Cover of pink clay masks for fase


Pink clay contains red and white clay in various proportions. Is composed of minerals, has a disinfectant and smoothing effect on a skin. Gentle pink clay is recommended for delicate upkeep of a epidermis. It is also used so an astringent and smoothing mask and in shampoos for normal hair.

Beautician claimed that the range of a particular type of clay depends on the patient's problems, the state of his skin. Clay, mix with aqua, hardens quickly and as soon however it loses moisture, its moisturizing effect on a skin is leveled, it narrows a pores and dries a skin. This mask is not suitable for dry and sensitive face even more. So owners of normal, dry or sensitive skin is better to apply a clay cover on a emulsion base - finished cosmetic items. They are gentle technique to a facial skin, retain moisture good, and get a more pronounced moisturizing effect. At home in a clay decision, It is possible to append a drop of olive oil.

Clay covers for all facial skin types

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